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6 Top Questions About Quality Data Monitoring

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Data is the main driving force in today's organizations. As your organization gathers more data, you need to ensure the quality of the data for it to become more useful. Find below some key points about business data.

1. What is Data Quality Monitoring?

Data quality monitoring is a process that guides, monitors, and ensures data quality on each data created and utilized within an organization. In many instances, you'll need data monitoring software to monitor the quality of your data.

2. Why Do You Need Quality Data Monitoring? =

You might need to monitor the data of your organization for the following reasons:

  • Ensures your business functions properly. High-quality data boost decision-making at all levels of operation, leading to better business function.
  • Promotes proper use of resources. Data monitoring will help you utilize your business resources and save you from wastage.
  • Good business leads. Accurate customer data assists you in bringing better transformation to your organization.
  • Competitive advantage. Low-quality data brings about uncertainty in customers. Quality data monitoring software will enable you to avoid this development in your organization.

3. What Are the Features of Data Quality Monitoring?

Good quality data monitoring utilizes a method that consists of many characteristics that will help improve the reliability of organizational data.

Data cleansing corrects unknown data. For example, your data monitoring software removes duplicate records and substandard data presentations. At the same time, such software can undertake data profiling, where you can monitor and cleanse data.

4. What Things Can You Use To Measure Data Quality?

You'll find data quality hard to measure, but you can use the following measurements to help you know your data quality:

  • Completeness. Data is assumed to be complete when it meets the outlooks of the organizational range.
  • Accuracy. This data variable measures the level to which data shows the true reflection of the occurrences it depicts.
  • Coherence. This measurement specifies that two data values recovered from many different data sets agree with each other.
  • Period of your data storage. If an organization keeps data instead of using it, the data quality deteriorates. Always use the latest business data to make informed decisions as consumer trends change often.
  • Integrity. Your data monitoring software tests your data to ensure it complies with your organization's data processing rules. There are also ISO standards for data handling that your organization shouldn't lack.
  • Availability and timeliness. When your data is not ready when your business needs it, it fails to meet good data quality monitoring qualities.

5. What Are the Strengths of Data Quality Monitoring?

These are some of the strengths and advantages of data quality monitoring:

  • Better business targeting
  • Better and effective marketing strategies
  • Good relations with customers

6. What Are the Weaknesses of Data Quality Monitoring?

Data quality monitoring also has some shortcomings as well, such as incomplete fields, inconsistent formats, different measurement units, and human error.


You'll always need to conduct data quality monitoring for your business. However, the above details entail some key points you should know about data quality monitoring.


14 April 2022