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Using RFID For Security And Information Delivery

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Tracking down items has become a much easier as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology becomes more robust and refined. Tracking devices have better range and can deliver a lot more information, but not many vendors take full advantage of the many new features available. Here are a few details about how RFID systems work, along with ways to get more mileage out of your investment.

RFID Security Options

Controlling your inventory becomes even more accurate with changes to RFID security tagging. Bluetooth RFID systems allows a more powerful, yet carefully controlled detection area that can cover an entire entrance/exit area without setting off alarms too far inside the premises. 

One problem with older RFID systems was the ability go over the alarm area. This meant that a thief could wait until no eyes were on them, then walk away while holding the product over their head or maneuvering around the detection area. Throwing products was another easy way to get around the system.

Many of these theft techniques could be practiced by people who had staff connections in stores and other establishments that use the same system, meaning that gaps could be planned and executed with a lot of options. Those options are reduced with bluetooth, and you can get a bit more information.

Sensors can be shrunk down to much more appealing, less threatening sizes as well. If you prefer bigger sensors to act as a visible deterrent, the smaller technology means that you can special order sensor designs to match your company's aesthetics without blocking the signal due to bluetooth RFID's improvements.

Information Packing And Delivery

RFID tagging can hold a lot more information than in past years. RF sensors and scanners don't need to receive complex signals to do their job, the signals can be designed to either create a bigger default message or read from a more sophisticated script.

The RFID tag can be printed with specific information for a write once, read many format. Newer RFID tags allow multiple read/write sessions, essentially turning the tags into tiny storage drives that can hold basic product information.

Instead of just using a basic item ID, you can add in information about a purchaser, a destination, or specific traits for the receiver to read. Promotional events or full-blown games can be made by embedding information onto RFID tags and other types of code systems, allowing customers or guests to interact with products to create a lasting impression.

Alternate reality games are one of many ways to create mystery, intrigue, and fun with systems once designed for inventory. Contact an RFID security systems professional to discuss your options and to learn about other RFID techniques.


24 October 2017