6 Top Questions About Quality Data Monitoring

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Data is the main driving force in today's organizations. As your organization gathers more data, you need to ensure the quality of the data for it to become more useful. Find below some key points about business data. 1. What is Data Quality Monitoring? Data quality monitoring is a process that guides, monitors, and ensures data quality on each data created and utilized within an organization. In many instances, you'll need data monitoring software to monitor the quality of your data.

14 April 2022

Organizations Should Stay Ahead Of These 4 Cyber Security Trends

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For most organizations, cyber security issues are ever-present. This can breed complacency, especially if you feel like your team is blocking and tackling problems at all the right spots. The cyber security landscape never stops evolving, and you must keep ahead of emerging trends such as these four issues. Attacks Against Lesser Devices Historically, most hostile actors have targeted servers and desktops. Mobile devices have also become part of the attack surface.

17 February 2022