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Everything You Need To Know About Machine Vision And Bar Code Readers

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Machine vision has streamlined how businesses operate and is only improving. The ability to see and read barcodes has made life easier for everyone, from the retail manager to the warehouse stocker. Here's what you need to know about machine vision and bar code readers.

What is machine vision?

Cognex machine vision and other machine vision systems use innovative technology to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for manufacturing.

How does machine vision work?

It uses a camera to capture an image of an object and then analyses this image to extract information about the shape, size, or surface properties of the object.

What are the different types of machine vision?

There are two main types of machine vision:

  • Offline machine vision. This type of system is used to inspect objects that are not moving, such as when checking for defects on a production line.
  • Online machine vision. When objects are in motion, the system is called online machine vision and often checks for defects on a conveyor belt.

What are the benefits of machine vision?

Machine vision, like Cognex machine vision, can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Quality control. Machine vision inspects products for defects and ensures they meet the required standards.
  • Assembly line automation. Machine vision guides robots and other automated systems to assemble products quickly and accurately.
  • Identification. Machine vision reads barcodes and other identification markings.
  • Guidance. Machine vision guides vehicles or other moving objects.

Additionally, machine vision systems can be used in combination with other technologies, such as robotics and artificial intelligence, to create even more advanced applications.

What are bar code readers?

Bar code readers are a common application of machine vision. Barcodes are a series of black and white bars used to encode information, such as product identifiers. Bar code readers can read barcodes on a variety of different objects, including:

  • Packages
  • Products
  • ID cards

Additionally, bar code readers can be used in conjunction with other technologies, such as RFID or radio frequency identification to create advanced applications.

What are the different types of bar code readers?

There are two main types of bar code readers:

  • Handheld bar code readers. These are small, portable devices that are mobile and held in hand.
  • Fixed bar code readers. These are larger devices mounted on a stand or another object.

You most likely have seen bar code readers in grocery stores and other retail settings. Fixed bar code readers are built into the conveyor belt system, so the cashier simply needs to move the products over the reader to record your purchase. When you have large items, the cashier typically walks around the checkout area and uses a handheld bar code reader to scan oversize items left under your shopping cart.

Machine vision products, like those from Cognex, can help your business become more efficient and effective. Contact a Cognex machine vision professional today to learn more about machine vision and bar code readers.


21 July 2022