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Why You Need To Go To A Legal Marketing Boot Camp


Attending a legal marketing boot camp is a great way for an attorney to tighten up their game. As tempting as it is to assume that your work representing clients will speak for itself, the most successful practices are often the ones that know how to connect with prospects. By going to a boot camp, you can see that you're hitting your mark in four specific areas.

Social Media

Social media marketing, especially for people in professions that are seen as professional and stuffy, is a challenge. New platforms appear all the time, and it can end up feeling like you're always caught chasing the market. Going to a legal marketing boot camp is a chance to talk about opportunities with someone who keeps up with social media trends. You can also bounce ideas you have for your own social media posts off an experienced marketer, getting quick feedback about what does and doesn't work.

The Video Revolution

Marketing a firm on TV has been a tradition for attorneys for decades, but new opportunities have emerged thanks to internet video hosting sites, especially YouTube. Creating videos is simpler than you might expect, and a lot of the challenge is in creating content that's engaging. A legal marketing boot camp can introduce you to tools you were previously unaware of, and you can learn how to develop videos that visitors and clients will want to share with their friends.


The emergence of so many new channels for reaching potential clients can be a blessing and a curse for a law firm. On the one hand, it's great to be able to bypass traditional media, such as television and radio. On the other hand, deciding how to allocate your marketing budget in a world with so many opportunities can spread you thin. A professional can help you think about what your goals are. For example, an elder law practice trying to connect with clients is going to allocate more of its budget to traditional media than an IP firm catering to tech startups.


Maintaining a consistent brand in the diverse environment that modern marketing offers requires an added level of focus. At a legal marketing boot camp, you'll be able to work on building consistency into all your efforts. When you're done, you'll have a stronger sense of what you want to say and how you wish to say it.


8 August 2018