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Understanding The Process For Data Center Moves

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If your business has been storing all its data locally and is ready to make the move to storing information on the cloud, you are going to need to go through a cloud migration, or data moving, process. When it comes to moving data, it is not as easily as just switching the location of the data. The process of data migration requires multiple steps, which can be carried out by a data center moving team.

Assess Your Infrastructure

The first thing the data team will do is evaluate the configuration of your current database. You need to know how your current database is configured, and what information it contains, in order to figure out how to move the data in an effective manner.

Catalog & Find Redundancies

When it comes to mapping out the infrastructure, you need to do more than just find out what information you have stores on all your systems. You also need to find out if there are any redundancies. Do you have multiple similar apps? Do you have duplicates of information? You need to figure out what information is redundant and doesn't need to be moved to the cloud. You also need to figure out if all the information that is stored can be moved to the cloud. Not all file formats are going to work with cloud migration.

Create a Proof of Concept

Next, you need to create a proof of concept for moving the information. This can take some time. You need to have a plan for moving all the information to the cloud. You need a plan that shows what tools you will need to move the information, and what data you are going to have to not move. You need a plan for backing up all the data.

Migrating the Infrastructure

Next, you need to start the process of migrating the infrastructure of all your data. During this process, your data is under construction. Packets of information will be moved at different phases, with some information stored on physical infrastructure as you work to move the information. This will take multiple steps in order to make sure all the information is moved safely.

Testing the Performance

Once all the information is moved, tests will be performed in order make sure that the process worked. All elements and types of data will be testing. A system will be set up to make sure all data is stored remotely.

When it comes moving data from a physical location to a cloud location, you need to move in a data moving center team who can help with this process and make sure it is done effectively and correctly. For more information about a data center move, reach out to a data center relocation service.


28 June 2019